Thursday, September 3, 2009

On my 22nd

yes... i'm on purposely make this entry late coz i don't want to accept that i'm getting older. (not!) haha... just kidding. ohh... hello blog. how are you? i miss u.

ok. so, on 27th aug everyear including this year. repeatedly my age will be x+1= older (x is age up to 26th). alhamdulillah~~~ currently its become 22nd. what? huh? really? no way? yes it is... so no matter how why when where... i'm 22 years old now. i'm a senior which is great coz soon to be graduate (may 2010). insyaallah~~~ but to think of it again... it's no good coz i'm soon joining the real world... need to get a career. need to get my own money. need to think of my future. and bla... bla... bla... pretty scary huh! so this is my thought of being a 22nd.

back to the memory of 22nd for 2009. i'm just blessed~~~ thank you for everyone who wish and celebrated my birthday. i'm so happy. this might be the most special celebration ever since next year and so on... it'll never be the same again. because it's no more college life. :(
my housemate's birthday is the next day of my birthday. another cake is for two other guys with about the same birthday as mine. i got a beautiful appetizingly delicious cake thanks to Mr. B. it's not actually a 'cake' cake. but it's a 100% ice cream cake. strawberry cheesecake blizzard cake... so here's the story...

pictures tell everything~~~

and thanks to Mr. B.... my sayang~~~
for a wonderful night (not the cake night! ehemm...) and wonderful gifts...

you are the sweetest thing ever~~~
and i love the lovely little thing in the red box... and the full of writing card... ;)


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