Monday, December 22, 2008


ouwchh...just get back from snowboarding at tussey mountain here. i'm so not feeling well right now. i feel sick coz it's so cold upthere and i must take nyquil before going to bed tonight. i should get enough rest since tomorrow i need to feel very healthy and energetic for the trip. though the trip start tomorrow night but still i need energy to pack and do many more stuff. 
my left butt is so hurt coz i kept fell on that hard snow floor. and my left butt was the victim for many times. now i realize that i don't like something that will give me the possibility to fall. i'm scared and phobia of fall. i don't like ice skating, and now snowboarding. even worst is the icy trail or road after the snow. but i can't avoid this coz is the nature. i'm so scared of falling that i will just feel like crying. :( but i'm not afraid to fall in love. ;p (so not related to the topic).
ok back to the snowboarding, i'm not sure it will be a next time or not. will need to think! i actually just wake up from 2 hours nap just now. still don't feel so well. but a lil'bit better now. ok i'm going to refesh my body with a soothing shower now. and then do some packing. see ya~~~


BUDINOL said... [reply]

ade org tu smalam nek ats pastu x nk turun. sape ntah. nak suh org amek die nek helikopter. :P

taufiq said... [reply]

injured far?
kenangan ah.. ade snowboard kelate
have fun travel!

farhah said... [reply]

haha...xde la injured sgt taufiq...ade la skit2 tulang lenguh2 lebam2 cket...haha...
ckup la tuh ade sorg da kelate hebat snowboarding. ;p


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