Saturday, December 27, 2008

West Coast

it's already winter break. and alhamdulillah i'm here at west coast. i forgot to write a bit before my departure. i was busy packing my belongings and stepped out to do finish some businesses. it's already being emm... yep the 4th day i'm here. i just got the chance to use internet here at Grand Canyon. just settle down in this nice room. yep match the price. my hotel at Las Vegas don't provide internet unless i pay $12 per day. thank you. did you get that? hehe... i've been there...Las Vegas. woo's amazing... gorgeous luxurious city.
today we move to the next spot... Grand Canyon. it's freezing cold here. this hotel is covered with snow all over the place. grrrr...c...colllld...d...d.. hope there will be better and nicer view at the national park. and should be ready for the cold too. can i just stay in the hotel room? nope! be tough! huhu...can't wait to see the miraculous scenery created by Him. i'm sleepy...should get some rest. taaaa~~~  

p/s: credit to egy for taking this picture


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