Sunday, February 8, 2009


last thursday i went to supercut. to obviously cut my hair. last time i cut my hair was august last year. so now the hair went crazy and i need something new. so i ask zack to go to supercut on wednesday but than we decided to go on friday. but i called zack on thursday and we both went to supercut coz i can no longer wait to cut my hair. it's keep bothering me for weeks and now i got it. thanks zahirah for being my haircut companion. 

it somewhat looks like this:

wish i could curl my hair to look like:

p/s: i could have had the Panera hot choc but i end up buying iced green tea. oh man! lets go to Panera again and get the hot choc zack.


BUDINOL said... [reply]

x best ah panera! awe msk lagi sedap tau x. haha.

farhah said... [reply]

but i like. ;p

daju said... [reply]

green tea panera best ke?
i've tried chai tea..xsedap..
hot choc panera terbaik la..

farhah said... [reply]

green tea dia ade rs2 mcm apple hijau gtu. best.


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