Thursday, February 19, 2009


is thursday
i woke up earlier
though my econ class was cancelled
but biotech class is still on

i'm working at the mix
for 4 hours
starting right after biotech class
so i need to fill my stomach enough for 4 hours

i had my lunch before going to work
rice with chicken patty with sweet soy sauce
simple but i like
my stomach like it too

i want to cook 
solok lada (a kelantan dish)
and gulai udang dengan nenas 
so bunch of work are waiting for me
right after i'm back from the mix

i want to plan for zapin
find the steps for this week practice
that will take the whole night 
researching the youtube
thinking with imagination
and practice the steps

so today...
i'm tired
i know it will be
even the day is just started
i'll deal with it 
because i'm a strong girl
with strong determination

Let's do it!!!


Nur Sabrina Wahid said... [reply]

solok lada??nakkk!
cuba wt nasi kerabu, perfect!

bestkan x de econ hari ni..haha.
hey have fun today k wlaupun busy :)

budinol said... [reply]

bak dtg solok lada! lapar nih.

farhah said... [reply]

hehe...nasi kerabu xde ulam la bina...x jd nasi kerabu le...haha...

budin...kamu tuh knal ke solok lada tuh ape.

budinol said... [reply]

solok lada tu yang macam lada yang solok2 tu kan. tau la.


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