Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summer dilemma

1st session or 2nd session? last night i can register for the summer class. but...i'm so can't decided which session to have class. either 1st (may june) or 2nd (july august) session. though it's just one class which is english 202c but it's an everyday class. monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday and i pick morning class. what? seriously? my actual plan was to have 1st session doing nothing but enjoy and play around. then having class and working during 2nd session since there's not so many job offer available during 1st session. meaning i'm will get stuck in state college during 2nd session. and free to go anywhere i want during 1st session.
however, my bf need to enroll in a class which only available during 1st session. and most of my friends also want to enroll in 1st session. so if i stay in my plan then i definitely alone during 2nd session and can't even go anywhere without without them during 1st session too. so then i don't know what to do. undecided and tried to register for both session. and very disappointing when i can't register the same course for both session. now what? which session should i choose! i hate this sounds-simple-but-complicated-for-me dilemma. 
orait whatever...i registered for 9.35am 1st session english 202c. that's it...just see how it goes...period. i'll definitely going to have a great summer...definitely! 

p/s: the word 'session' is such a tongue twister~~~ 


Egy Azziera said... [reply]

cantik aaaa banner ko. nak jugak mcm tu.

BUDINOL said... [reply]

hmm. I wonder how hot your boyfriend is.. hmm.

farhah said... [reply]

oh sgt 'hot'...

farhah said... [reply]

haha...ape lg jd la premium egy.


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