Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pinky Soccer

yes i have this...and yes this a soccer ball...and yes she is a pinky cute girly soccer ball... but don't ever judge her as a delicate powerless pinky soccer. because she's indeed a strong tough powerful pinky. 
okay...this year i'm the Captain...captain for penn state malaysian women's soccer team. i know i'm not a completely an expert but i'll try to be a good captain. my job is to prepare the team for the biggest sports event for malaysian students in USA this coming end of May (well it does sounds...woww~~~).
we have our training every friday night. but i really hope the cold wintery weather end very soon. so then we can play on the field. the greenish fresh huge field. okay i'll wait...yeah...wait...
and i just can't believe that i was actually registered our team in the penn state women's open IM Soccer Tournament. thinking of battling on the field with the tough blonde and brunette just making me feel nervous and frightful. but no wait...i can do this. let's fight! yeah...fighting! oh yeah...see ya on the field.and i actually name our team 'Bulan'. coz we're sailormoon. hahaha... 

p/s: looking forward...a pair of nike soccer boot. i have my eyes on you...


Nazmi Azudin said... [reply]

boot puma lg lawa~

sAbR!nA sAbR! said... [reply]

boot pua chu kang lg lawa la gokun!!

farhah said... [reply]

boot nike mmg x lawa pon tp x ske adidas or puma. so t'paksa la layan je si nike tuh.

budinol said... [reply]

susa2 pakai selipar je.

Nazmi Azudin said... [reply]

kita dulu kaki ayam je kn budin kn? haha


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