Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anything is Possible

i just found my old bookmark in a novel that i never finish reading. i bought it few years ago back in Malaysia. Then i remember why i bought it. it's because of what's written on it.

Anything is Possible

Believe in your dreams - 
 the goals you've always wanted to achieve.
Believe in your abilities -
that you are capable and worthy of being
and doing anything.
Life holds no promises to what you can have.
It gives you opportunities 
to utilize your abilities.
It gives you time to make
choices and take chances.
Be willing to accept life's challenges.
Embrace changes that come along the way.
Never give up.
Be passionate to make
your dreams a reality.
Believe that it is possible to achieve 
what you want and you will.


lala said... [reply]

farrr!!!this is not related to the post though the words are awesome...nak cakap that your coat kat ur blog wallpaper ke banner ke ape ntah namenye sgttt cunn...mane beli har...tapi takpe dah nak habis winter dah..heee;p

lala said... [reply]

lorhhh..lupa nak cakap yang lala is resty taw...another account..hee

farhah said... [reply]

ish3...baru t'tnye2 sape plak lala ni. haha...oh..beli kat macy's je tuh, cun kan. kih...kih...kih...


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