Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home Alone

Merry Christmas~~~ hohoho~~~

well i don't celebrate christmas but living in a place where everyone else does celebrate christmas just make me feel so home alone. they're all having family gathering and wearing new clothes and eating delicious feast and laughing at the jokes and the best part is opening the presents under the christmas tree. easy to say they're all having fun while i'm here still in my pajama at 2pm with no present no food no one else except my housemate.

guess i better stay home since all stores must be closed today and besides it's just too weird to wonder around town on christmas while others staying home with family. and i bet state college downtown looks like a death valley right now. and looks like it's a rainy christmas this year rather than snowy.


Monday, December 21, 2009

i don't like me!

wow... it's been quite a long time since my last post which is when i'm at the end of my 21st. oh come on... few days after i'm 22nd doesn't mean i am 22nd. am i right here? it's not that my life was so damn bored that i didn't have anything to write about okayy~~~ it's just that my lazy notty fingers didn't feel like typing! seriously i have a lot to write a lot to tell a lot to share and my brain keep came up with brilliant titles and brilliant ideas but blame my fingers okayy~~~ oh wadda excuse... hehe... ;p

so now... here she comes a 22nd year old big girl(woman perhaps? ouch!) trying to do some 'mature' writing here (oh really?). well... it's just passed few days after winter break started, and i'm so damn bored staying at home doing nothing but taking care of my petville, fishville, yoville, what ever ville... that's on the facebook. emm... formally known as facebook games. and because of just staying home which is to be specific... 'on the bed in front of an old laptop'... so then i kept getting headache... and it's getting serious. my head just feel so heavy. i can't move a lot that it will hurt me. all because of all those staying home activity plus overslept. yep... that's me... i really need to go out and get some fresh air and do something. which is what i plan for tomorrow (hopefully).

and i really really don't like myself! next week i'll be going for a two weeks trip to Atlanta (Georgia), Florida and Bahamas. i'm so excited about it that i want it to be perfect(insyaAllah). and at the same time, my pocket-economic-crisis never end~~~ wish i could survive this $$$ vacation. but guess what... i just did what i do best few minutes ago which is SHOPPING! i don't like myself but i can't resist it. i said "oh... it doesn't cost that much, nahh". and here comes the consequence of that soothing sentence... a consecutive so-called low cost shopping which means it does cost a lot! 'sikit2 lame2 jadi bukit' (negatively)!


p/s: yes u can say ask "if i don't like it why didn't i stop?" because... it's not that easy~~~ trust me :|

hemm... waiting for a few more packages to come~~~ lalalala~~~ (hate me)


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