Tuesday, November 25, 2008


it's thanksgiving. and the school off for a week. and no turkey no mashed potato no whatever pie for me. but i'll not just sit on the red couch facing laptop at home doing nothing. and i'll be going for a vacation. yeay~~~
i'm off to baltimore today at noon and will be back on friday.
here's the route of fun that's waiting for me:
  • baltimore, MD.
  • annapolis, MD.
  • philadelphia, PA.
  • limerick, PA. (this is where i'll shop till drop on black friday)
i'll be back~~~ :D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Malaysian volleyball tournament

last night is the Malaysian volleyball tournament which i believe will be held annually and this year is the 1st in history...this event is actually to bring all Malaysian together and tighten the bonding among us. thanks to Sim for such an effort to make this happened. when i 1st heard about this...ok interesting~~~ i'll be there to support. then...when the name list came out and all of us are divided into groups and that sounds like need-to-play...i was so oh-no-no...how am i gonna play? no way! i don't like volleyball and most probably hate it too. i tried to play volleyball when i was a kid and it's so hurting my hand when playing that volleyball, then i never want to touch the ball again.
somehow i played few times here in pennstate but since i'm playing so badly, then i quick. actually there's some people who thinks they're extremely good with volleyball and extremely not good with their mouth. so when me...who don't know how to play volleyball...try to play and learn...that people talk bad behind me...'she's so sucks...i don't want her to play'...oh yeay? i don't want either! one more thing i know that this people not just giving that statement to me but some other girls who don't play well too. she never know but i know. i'm just so pissed off...i told you i don't play volleyball...so don't expect me to do as good as you're. and don't even bring out that kind of make-people-angry statement from your mouth again.
orait...talking about that people will never bring peace. so about last night tournament. i actually play volleyball although just a tiny not-so-helpful part. but i did hit the ball few times and do few good serve too. i'm so proud of my self~~~ i did better than last time i played. good for me. but it's so hurt my hand everytime i hit the ball...redness appear and i can feel my hand shaking coz it's so hurt. but it's good that the redness don't last long and gone. then a small bruise appear on my left hand. and i still have it now. don't touch...it's hurt! but overall it's a great night...good job everyone. it's fun. and the best thing was my team which is group 10...big 10...is the winnerrrr....yeay....thank you everyone for playing so hard and deal with not-a-good-player me~~~

Friday, November 21, 2008

Peace not so peace

next week is thanksgiving break...no school for a week...awesome! basically my break started this week coz i don't have any homework due and i don't have any exam to study...class? just the lab count...hehe...but today my break is completely started coz i'm done with my 2nd lab project which i've been working for hours everyday outside class time (this week)...it's totally a peace since i just decided to do 2nd project (for extra credit) last friday and i only have till 2pm this friday to finish it. that's why i have to work on in everyday this week. but yeay....peace!
but actually not so peace coz i'll have to do the poster presentation and manuscript for the projects which due 2 to 3 weeks after thanksgiving. and i also have another class's lab report dueafter thanksgiving too...this is just not so peace!
okay whatever...just now i'm peacefully making rice krispie treat. but again not so peace...why is it so hard for marshmallow to melt? seriously...not melting! it's became sticky thick marshmallow cream instead of smooth melted marshmallow cream...orait no more waiting...i mixed that 'sticky thick cream' with rice krispie treat but as expected...it's not easy to coat that small pieces of rice with that thick cream...and finally...hahaha...i got an ugly funny-looking rice krispie treat...taste? emm...okay la...
then...since my rice krispie treat is ugly...i plan to make it look nicer by making topping for it. chocolate topping sounds good huh! but...i was so lazy to do the double boil for melting the chocolate...so i microwaved the chocolate...ok for about a minute it melt nicely...then i left it for another minute...then went i check it back...opsss....the microwave is smokingggg...haha...then i turned on the cook hood...covered my smoke detector...opened the window...ok now i smell burn...slowly opened the microwave...my chocolate is burn! hahaha...but i tried one more time with leftover chocolate bar...and still i don't get what i want...so no chocolate topping. the rice krispie treat remain as it is. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


oh yeay...it's saturday...home football game again after the beaver stadium having few weeks nap...penn state vs. indiana... yes...nittany lions won 34-7...they better win this time! but...the game itself was kind of bored to me...rainy day...average performance...not-so-good seat...make me somewhat bored~~~
but...it's end up became a wonderful day...since i was not into the game...it's time to play around with the camera...snap...snap...snap...and also i kept changing seat...right then left...up then down...finally in the middle of senior section...hahaha...
oh yeay...i need to mention this...during the 2nd half break...i went to get some snacks coz i'm so hungry...then...the cold weather just make me feel like having a hot drink...the only available is hot chocolate (not sure...is coffee somewhere?) regular hot drink $2...with mug $4...okay since $4 i can get a large drink and a nice mug instead of a small cup of $2...then better get the mug. being impatiently i took a sip...omg...sooo good...it's like the best hot chocolate ever...the 'beaver stadium hot chocolate' is sooo good...i just can't stop drinking untill the last sip...feel like getting another mug of that hot choc...and you know what...i overheard some girl behind my seat said that 'this hot choc is the best ever'...see...i'm telling the truth~~~hehe
after the game...we hang out for a while taking some more pictures in the stadium...then...we're waiting outside the stadium with a bunch of fans for the players to come out...getting their autograph...taking their pictures...not just the fans...i also took pictures with the some players...i got to see daryll clark, jordon norwood, kevin kelly....and more...most of them are really big guys...so big...
okay it was really a fun day~~~

hot chocolate anyone?

we are...penn state!

the pennsylvania state university

cotton candy

kevin kelly

jordan norwood

daryll clark

Monday, November 10, 2008

Penn State upset

:( nittany lions perfect season has came to imperfection. the dream remain hopeless. the national champ is fading away. that's what happened this weekend. yesterday 'saturday college football' became a nightmare to penn state football team. upset 24-23 by iowa on last second field goal! heartbreaking...Joe Paterno, the football team, penn state students, the fans and me...we're all heartbreaking. happy valley is not happy!
they actually had two weeks to prepare for the game. but why upset? i wish they had played better and survive in that chill iowa hawkeyes stadium.
though it's not the end of the season yet. but the dream has come to the end. and me too... was looking forward for the last two home game, versus indiana and michigan state...but now nothing exciting anymore...it's just too heartbreaking~~~ but still WE ARE...PENN STATE!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gangster Battle

OMG...i'm so addicted to this facebook game right now. it's called 'gangster battle'. the game is about being a gangster where you can do choices of criminal mission to get money. being a bad guy where you can attack other gangsters, ambush them, or shank on them and kill them. being powerful and arm yourself with variety of weapons to choose from. being smart and organize your attack and defense power. being gang up by offering family protection to other gangsters and recruit them in your battle. being rich with profitable investment. i'm a gangster and i battle to survive.
hey...i can never do this in my real life. so i'm gonna enjoy this as much as i can. come on gangsters... lets battle!


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