Tuesday, November 25, 2008


it's thanksgiving. and the school off for a week. and no turkey no mashed potato no whatever pie for me. but i'll not just sit on the red couch facing laptop at home doing nothing. and i'll be going for a vacation. yeay~~~
i'm off to baltimore today at noon and will be back on friday.
here's the route of fun that's waiting for me:
  • baltimore, MD.
  • annapolis, MD.
  • philadelphia, PA.
  • limerick, PA. (this is where i'll shop till drop on black friday)
i'll be back~~~ :D


baizura_bye said... [reply]

hi far!!hihi bai ni! yg ekot ada,nisa,peya ngan zawa g jln2 tu. byk x shopping aritu?? hee balek awal ek??

p/s: nk add link far ek. :D

farhah said... [reply]

add3...haha x byk sgt kot compare dgn korg...dgr cite ptg br abis shopping...dahsyat nyeee...haha...


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