Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My new blog

i stopped updating my blog about a year ago. then, suddenly i feel like writing again. then, few days ago, i was thinking about a 'blog makeover' to actually change my friendster blog to a so-called 'true blog' like blogger, xanga and so on. The reason is because friendster blog is not so 'friendly' for me. i really want to make my page as a 'real me' means the blog is belong to me. the look. the layout. the idea. it suppose to be my identity and it's all about me... me... me... emm it's something like what i did to my friendster profile. then i can say i like it and it's me and i very satisfied. actually i do like the layout of my friendster blog, it's just that it's not my touch. my idea. i prefer to so, i end up choosing blogger. Then, after some effort of researching and learning about blogger.tadaaaa...presenting my new blog~~~after lots of trying and testing. then i get tired. then this is my new blog. just stick with this for now. i like it. for now. when i'm sick of it then i'll change it again. i mean just change the look. not making a whole new blog again. therefore, i'll only update this blog from now. and therefore say bye~ bye~ to my friendster blog.



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