Monday, March 23, 2009

Zapin Beradat

last night we had a rehearsal for the Malaysian Night that will be held next friday. and i can say my zapin team performed quite well. and i can also say no distinct mistakes (well usually i'm the one who make mistakes...haha...). hooray for me~~~ 
after many weeks of practice (once a week), finally we managed to complete all the choreography and performed it well. so one more week to go and to make the team perfect! and i'm proud of myself for completing the 3.35 min dance choreography with touch of help from everyone in the team especially my dear roomie. we're sacrificing hours of our time at home to just completing a minute of the choreography. i never though this could be so hard. we have to find the steps and match them with the song and the timing. and in order to do that, we have to try and try again to get perfect. 
finally we did it. i'm proud of my team... me, egy, azreen, iliani, budin, zul, zam, izat... you guys awesome. one more week to go... let's finish what we've started with perfection! 
here's the song... and we only use 3.35 min of the song and cut the rest of it. thanks noraniza idris...



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