Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Woman

wow... the busy period has started... this morning i was having a JPA meeting... sound serious but not really... just a few reminder from the sponsor. and the finishing was a delicious meal from IP. i ate as if i 'live to eat' not eat to live. haha... 
then right after the meeting... i got change from baju kurung to casual and went to Beaver Stadium and watch the blue and white football game (just the 2nd half). too bad blue team was defeated by white team. 
yeay... it's BLUE and WHITE weekend people... fun is everywhere... and i looove funnn.... last night i went to the fun fair but wasting a lot of quaters for nothing.... erghhhh...tricky games... then i ate the funnel cakes. i don't know why but people just love it whenever there was a fun fair and they willing to queue and wait in that very long line for the funnel cakes... including me of course... haha... but thank god last night i'm not in that 'peak hours'. 
oh yeay... forgot to mention... i the weather today. it's ~30 degree celcius... (though i kept complaining and should be the same for the next two days... yeay...
then after the having fun part... we (the malaysian at penn state) are having a meeting for the president and vice president election and also for the final exam solat hajat. congrats to amar and izatul~~~ 
so this is the starting for a 'busy woman' me... got a fitness walking take home exam due on Monday... and waiting in line this week are the econ assignment, global warming presentation, tobacco plant culture lab report plus lab notebook... and next week is final exam week. oh no there's a lot to study and oh yes i'm done with spring semester. and another busy thing is searching for summer job~~~ good luck for me.

p/s: today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today...


budinol said... [reply]

fresh orange satu!

daju said... [reply]

good luck for the final two weeks..

wednesday mcm hujan je..

funnel cake sedap kan...

farhah said... [reply]

good luck daju jugak...


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