Sunday, June 28, 2009

Black Cow

it's been a while since the last time i had 'black cow'. it was so good... yummy nyum nyum... i actually drink two glasses. and guess what i don't mind to finish the third glass (if it's free... ;p). you should try it.

For whoever in State College, just go to Baby's (it's a diner not babies baby's as what it sounds like ok...) and order a black cow... and maybe try the sweet potato fries (ubi keledek goreng). For whoever want to try extreme home edition, just buy a root beer and serve with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. just like a regular float. :)

because black cow is actually another name for root beer float. but baby's named it in menu for root beer with chocolate ice cream. it sounds weird (my first thought) but then it's super duper yummy. hey maybe try with other ice cream flavor... interesting huh~~~ oh yeay Creamery has float with any flavor and any soda too. just mix and match...

slurppp....slurppp... ahhhhh~~~

p/s: i want one (root beer with choc)! no two actually... maybe three... or....


Sharifah Amirah said... [reply]

nk try la right after balik to SC!


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