Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving out

today... i'm moving out to new apartment. yesterday we're all out doing some more packing and the most tiring part is cleaning... every single detail of the apartment! at least we only have the cleaning job to do. coz we've packed most of the stuffs since two weeks ago little by little. huh... what a release. i'm trying get a hint of the new apartment life here. emm let see... we got swimming pool, beach volleyball, gym, and pool table ( in my boyfriend apartment there). so how that sounds? totally great for sure!
but park hill was a nice place. i live here for two years and now it's time to let go. orait... got to go ... more cleaning to do...

bye Park Hill... hello University Terrace...


daju said... [reply]

and boyfriend apartment lg dkt..heh..
sounds like fun je dok east skrg..
ramai org ekk..
volleyball..summer best laa..

farhah wan adeli said... [reply]

ramai sgt daju... pstu UT ni cm lg best... tp jauh cket la. daju pe cte kat sne?

ziha said... [reply]

WOW!u got a realllyyy niccceeee apartment there!swimming pool?who wud have guessed?slamat berjalan2 di canada :)


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