Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A chocolate muffin on a gloomy day

it's gloomy outside. yet gloomy inside this usually crowded pattee library reserve room. but wait... i don't want to be affected with all this gloomy surrounded. no way! a chocolate muffin paired with an ice coffee... and a call from him... yet so simple they brighten my day. the truth is, choc muffin is not my fav neither the ice coffee... but still i'm brightened~~~
because it's all depends on you! depends on what you BELIEVE!
say you're stress, you're mad, you're bored, or you're...whatever-feeling that put you at your worst state in life... then...
... maybe you just need to take a deep breath for a few seconds and smile.
... maybe you just need to buy a drink and being refreshed.
... maybe you just need to have a singing in the shower.
or maybe you just need to do whatever spontaneous that you could possibly think of.

then open your heart and say, "oh now i'm brightened up!"
it's that simple... when you believe... then it'll always seems right. no matter what others say... your belief is all what matters... because life can be that easy. and it'll always a cliche~~~

because your heart is a powerful gift belong to YOU~~~


budinol said... [reply]

nak gak muffiin cokleeett!!

Mirae said... [reply]

terus termotivated baca ni! :D

farhah wan adeli said... [reply]

haha... bgus mirae... paham jgak ko ape aku tulis. aku main hentam je... x reti ar nk main ng kata2 indah ni... len ar cm ko.


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