Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i want to visit...

after the west coast trip, it's now 2009. which means not much time left before i graduate in May 2010. come to think about me make me a lil' sad (lot actually). i will have to go back to Malaysia and never know if i'll be back to USA or not. it's kind of where i grew up.'s true! i came here when i was 19 and will be graduate when i'm 23. i was a 'budak hingusan' when i 1st came here okay. and now not even 23 yet i can feel the different. i'm 21 adult now. ok well pre-adult i guess. 19 to 23 is such a crucial transition period... to everyone not just me... it's when a teenager become adult. growing up! i became more and more mature... (doesn't mean 100% mature). so it's true right? i grew up here in USA. wow... just realize it while i'm writing this post. coz u can see that i'm quite off topic here. haha...
ok back to the since not much time left with just few more school break chance i'm going to have... spring break...summer...winter break...spring break 2010... then summer after graduate. but there are a lot more places that i want to visit and will need to put it all together in this few school break...or else it's a no no no. this means money crucially in need too. OMG... really hope i can make all the wish come true. 
i want to visit...
  • europe
  • canada
  • bahamas
  • seattle, washington.
  • st louis, missouri.
  • texas
  • new york (again)
p/s: may be more but let see how it goes... and hey 'you-know-who-u-are' this means you're included... let's make more saving...


cant tell said... [reply]

awww u mean me(perasan disitu;p;p)..yes its already the time to get my brain cells busy and not to mention cari kerja for me lah..biler JPA masuk dwet nih weyh!!hishh lambat dow..

BUDINOL said... [reply]

weh. maghi le g venice. nek gondola. cam best je.. meh3

farhah said... [reply]

europe tuh da include venice le...hah smpan le duit ye...

BUDINOL said... [reply]

owh! ok!


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