Thursday, April 1, 2010

fever. coughing. sneezing

it's been 3 weeks now since my immune system failed to protect me. right after spring break, i was so sick with really bad headache that last for a week. Then, i went to the doctor at the end of the week cause my headache was killing me. She gave me an antibiotic course because she heard rumbling in my lung which could be bacterial. Ok that's pretty scary.
Well, you won't be given antibiotic if you have a fever/flu/cold because it's a virus related sickness not bacterial. So, i was wondering why, everytime i had a fever and went to the doctor back in Malaysia, i was given antibiotic(not just me)? Do they now about antibiotic has nothing to do with virus? No offence doctors!
Then, i learned new things, that tylenol (acetaminophen) is not a good choice for headache. She said ibuprofen is better and she also recommended Excendrin(acetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine) for my headache. So, i went to the pharmacy and get both Advil(ibuprofen) and Excendrin. After a couple of days on drug, my headaches completely gone. Alhamdulillah~~~
But, then i started to cough (2nd week). It's so disturbing. And on the 3rd week which is now, it getting worst. I had stuffy nose and really bad cough. My chest feels tight. My breathing is not so smooth and i sneeze all the time.
So, i decided to see the doctor again today. She was surprised to see me again which is definitely not a good sign. And i was given another course of antibiotic since the first course might not go very well. And i was also given an inhaler which usually given to people with asthma which actually cost me a lot of money. And i actually went through a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia which turned out to be negative (for now). And i was also given a breathing treatment using a little weird machine. And all of these really cost me a lot of money. So, Mr. health insurance, you better not give me hard time!
And on my way home, i spent a few more dollars buying yogurt to balance my antibiotic course and some 'naked' juice for vitamin C boost. Hopefully my immune system will get better soon.

Really want a healthy me back. :(


cant tell said... [reply]

hi farrrrr!!!!!
heeee...eyh darling u take care ye..makan ubat semua..suruh encik boyfie awak tuh buat sup sepanjang masa sakit..miss u lah;)

Azziera H. said... [reply]

Kesian kau Farouk. Patut lah aku tgk peti sejuk penuh dgn yogurt and naked juice. Kalau tak cukup vit c lagi makan je Oren aku tu sbb aku tak makan dah. Tak tau la elok lagi ke tak. Hahaha dah kenapa aku tulis kat sink dah padahal boleh je ckp kat rumah. Weh aku tgh lepak kat lawn hub ni tu yg tak de keje type comment ni. Hahaha.

farhah wan adeli said... [reply]

hi lalink... lame x jumpe u. parents u dtg ke grad nnti?

damn egy... aku nk gak lepak2 kat atas rumput... salahkan budin ni xnk temankan. panas la ape la. takut itam la. mcm2 alasan.

budinol said... [reply]

ish, baru igt nk buatkan sup. x jadi ah cenggini. dah mmg gelap nk watpe duk main panas lagi. bek duduk dlm bilik. ade air kon!


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