Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh be a fine guy, kiss me later tonight!

it was a mnemonic for my astronomy class. for type of stars. OBAFGKMLT. isn't it such a loving mnemonic~~~ auwww~~~ so sweet~~~ So i guess american style mnemonics are sweet, loving and catchy.
Compare to the Malay version mnemonic such as for rainbow colors, 'Michael Jackson Kena Halau Balik India Utara'. Isn't it kinda a little rough but funny. and actually doesn't really have a significant meaning to it. And as far as i remember, that's how the mnemonic were back in my school years. rough, funny, no meaning. but doesn't matter as long as they did help me to memorize.

I like the mnemonic. i guess because i like fairy tales. i like happy ending love story. i like sweet and romantic thingy. i like. i like. i like. so definitely i dream for a loving and sweet special one. who pamper me with love.
luckily i found one~~~ You are the sweetest thing ever happened to me~~~

p/s: look what i found on his planner.

♥ u always~~~ and thanks for ur ♥~~~ :)

saya cinta kamu mohd fakhruddin khalid!


budinol said... [reply]

owh, jiwang nya kamu nih, malu la saye camni. apa2 pun. ayat yang terakhir itu amat dialu2 kan. walaupun tersorok. namun tetap dapat dikesan.

taufiq said... [reply]

siapa yang lebih jiwang sebenarnye ni

farhah wan adeli said... [reply]

hemm... sape ye. taufiq kot!


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