Friday, October 22, 2010

Am only glass, can't be diamond

sometimes it's hard to accept. when you do all your best but things never turned out as you wish. i dream. and i dream big. but at the same time. i'm scared. am scared to dream coz i know it's 99% won't happen as i wish. even if i know. i am. i am broken into pieces.

i can't stop. from all the thoughts. and it's worst when i close my eyes. trying to sleep. trying to clear my mind. hence it's failed. i can't sleep! not just today. not just yesterday. not just the day before yesterday. it's stressful. it's tiring. and i'm really weakening.

Ya Allah. please give me strength. show me the path i shall take.

p/s: i've always avoid to share my miserable moment. but not this time. perhaps it's better to express it.


budinol said... [reply]

be strong my dear.
im gona be there for u. always..



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