Friday, May 15, 2009

BABI is a disaster!

few weeks ago swine flu outbreak started to make a fuss... (selsema BABI!)

and now it's one more week before the midwestgames in illinois... where the highest swine flu cases are recorded which are about 600 cases today... so mara, jpa, petronas... all the sponsor make a statement not to allow their students to join the midwestgames and this again make a fuss among the students. i would say the game should just cancel since all the sponsors were not agree. but the msd want to continue the game. the consequences are there will be some students who want to go and some students who didn't want to go. but the bad news about this is the team sports are out of control... 'nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga'
how can we make a team if some teammates are not joining. it's so last minute. here i'm especially taking about my team... my soccer team... frankly to say i cried when i first heard about this. it just happened... from all the hardworks and everything and now what can i say... the team is gone... i hate to say but i'm mad, i'm sad, i'm down... i can't do anything... i've tried my best to convince everyone
but what i hate the most is when those people not even tell me their final status... going or not going... coz it broke my heart even more...
the outbreak sounds serious and i'm sacred too but after all the consideration about the trip... insyaallah... everyone is protected... ~amin~

p/s: i have a new team and a week... so anything can happen... "Trust is like a vase.. once it's broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again"

so i have a trust and the vase will definitely be a like new vase... :)


cant tell said... [reply]

awwww darling...sorry to hear that..u'll b fine..i know u can do it;)..even illinois ade bnyk kes but illinois tuh besar gaban..probably the kes kat chicago area or mana2 pelusuk of illinois lah...if im not mistaken tade pon lg kes students kat this uni dijangkiti and let alone malaysians study here pon tak dijangkiti assured lah..and3 aku sihat je..heee..meh3 dtg illinois meh;p

farhah w. adeli said... [reply]

ling...ling... i'll go... insyaallah. but u take care duk di tgh2 swine flu tuh ye...


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