Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finally... what a release...

this is what i'm waiting for
either it's canceled or we're all not going
and should i say thank you to petronas
finally Penn State decided not to go
all of us
i'm sorry illinois
i'm sorry midwestgames
this year will be without Penn State
i'm not sad i'm not mad
but i'm release
from the burden of doubtful
for myself for my team

to Miss Goalie if you're reading this
no worry i understand
let forgo the pass...

and welcome the great summer adventure
hooray... come on girls guys
what's next after the picnic????


cant tell said... [reply]

OMGGGGGGGGG like seriously to the max tahap lembu terbang semua u guys yg juta2 org tuh tak pegi midwest games kat illinois?????petronas buat ape??stoopid swine how to hang outtttttttt???!!!sedih nihh;(

farhah w. adeli said... [reply]

haha... nk wat cmne resty laling... ko le dtg penn state klau cmtuh... haha...


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