Friday, May 22, 2009

i'm tired :(

this few days...
i'm tired. very very much.
tried to sleep at 12 but never accomplished.
went to bed at 2 AM. zzzzz.
8 AM. yoga class.
9.30 AM. english class.
11 AM. working.
2 PM. college parking.
night. went home.

*repeated everyday.

not enough sleep.
not enough rest.
not enough. not enough.
i'm tired.
today. 4 hours. walmart. dollar tree. far corner.
walking non stop.
i'm hungry. i'm tired.
tomorrow. new adventure of smoky mountain.
it's 1 AM now. i'm going to bed.
only 6 hours sleep.
tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
less and less...

but i need more.
cause i'm tired.



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